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Online Photography Classes!

If you want to start taking better photos, then you have come to the right place.  Our Introductory online photography class is called "You Can Take Better Photos Now".  This is perfect no matter if you have a high end digital camera and have no idea what to do with all of the different setting or if you have a point and shoot digital camera or just use your camera phone.  This class is designed not to just teach you the mechanics of how to work your digital camera but to help you think, see, and shoot photos like a professional photographer.

What's Included in the Class

1.  5 Training Videos: You Can Take Better Photos Now

  • Identifying The Right Light and Using It To Get The Perfect Photo
  • The Best Photo Composition Techniques
  • How To Capture Those Perfect Moments 
  • The Secret To Photographing Your Family & Friends
  • How to Use "Point of View" To Create Captivating Images Every Time

2.  Beginner Photography Manual:  How To Think, See & Shoot Photos Like a Pro

  • 51 Page ebook giving you the secrets of the professional photographers
  • Illustrated with 40 beautiful photo images to show you what can be accomplished
  • This is the perfect companion guide to the video training


E-book, "How To Choose The Best Digital Camera For You"

If you think you might want to move up to one of the higher end digital cameras so you can put into use all of the things you now know from our training then this will tell you everything you need to consider when buying a new camera.

Start Your Photography Class Right Now

You get the video training, the companion ebook, and the bonus ebook telling you how to pick the right camera for you all for just $77.  Just click on the button below to get started right now.Buy Now


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